Horse Small Tins

Small Horse Tins

Horse Small Tins available in the designs below

Retail price $5.50 each

Order Small Tins by name.

Rodrigo Pessoa

Nicole and Jammer

Near the In Gate

Very Strong Girl

Waiting to go for a Trail Ride

Joe and the Colt

The Oxer

Three Warmblood Hunters

Tied to the Trailer

Donkey by the Barn

Working for a Living

Buckle Up

Before the Big Class

I Can't See

Three Ponies



Baby Warmblood

Buns of Steel

Clanking Stirrup Club

Closer Look



Cowboy Boot

Cute Little Face


Don't Knock Me Over

English Horses

First Born

Friesian Majesty

Fuzzy Little Ass

Good Hands

Grand Prix Jumper

Grand Prix Jumper Warmup

Grey Welsh Pony

Guts and Glory

Horse Sport

Itchy Foot

Jumper Hands

Mack and John



Pulling Power

Quittin Time

Sleepy Filly

Three Ponies

Three Thoroughbreds

Working for a Living

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