Horse Greeting Cards

Horse Greeting Cards

Cards are available in the designs below, in 6 packs

Retail price $15.00 per pack

Order cards by design name

Ten new designs!

Coffee Break

395 Coffee Break

Flat Out

63 Flat Out

Half Brothers

68 Half Brothers

Mom and Me

92 Mom and Me

Out Cold Paint

297 Out Cold Paint


398 Penned!

Say Hello to My Little Friend

110 Say Hello to My Little Friend

Shades of Bay

386 Shades of Bay

Waiting to Go for a Trail Ride

71 Waiting to Go for a Trail Ride

Joined at the Heart

345 Joined at the Heart


01 Appaloosa

Autumn Roundup

02 Autumn Roundup

Before the Big Class

03 Before the Big Class

Big Ben

04 Big Ben

Black Mare

05 Black Mare

Buckle Up For Safety

06 Buckle Up For Safety

Clanking Stirrup Club

07 Clanking Stirrup Club

Come in the Barn

08 Come in the Barn


09 Concentration


10 Courageous

Cowboy Boot

11 Cowboy Boot

Don't Bug Me

12 Don't Bug Me

Dressage Elegance

13 Dressage Elegance

Dressage Mare

14 Dressage Mare

English Horses

15 English Horses

Eyes of Equus

16 Eyes of Equus

Fall Hunt

17 Fall Hunt

Farm Mascots

18 Farm Mascots

First Baby

19 First Baby

First Born

20 First Born

Fort Erie Racehorse

21 Fort Erie Racehorse


22 Freedom

Friesian Majesty

23 Friesian Majesty

Friesian Passion

24 Friesian Passion

Frontier Days

25 Frontier Days

Good Hands

26 Good Hands

Grand Prix Jumper

27 Grand Prix Jumper

Grand Prix Jumper Warmup

28 Grand Prix Jumper Warmup

Grey Welsh Pony

29 Grey Welsh Pony

Guts and Glory

30 Guts and Glory

Hands on the Prize

31 Hands on the Prize

Horse Sport

32 Horse Sport

Hunter Ponies

33 Hunter Ponies

Itchy Foot

34 Itchy Foot

Jumper Hands

35 Jumper Hands

Kentucky Yearlings

36 Kentucky Yearlings

Licking Mommy

37 Licking Mommy

Long Way Down

38 Long Way Down

Many Years in the Saddle

39 Many Years in the Saddle

Paint Colt

40 Paint Colt

Power and Speed

41 Power and Speed

Pulling Power

42 Pulling Power

Quarter Horse Stud

43 Quarter Horse Stud

Rodeo Horses

44 Rodeo Horses

Sleepy Filly

45 Sleepy Filly

Spots and Stripes

46 Spots and Stripes


47 Stablemates

Three Ponies

48 Three Ponies

Three Thoroughbreds

49 Three Thoroughbreds

Tight Turn

50 Tight Turn


51 Trigger

Two Horsepower

52 Two Horsepower

Very Strong Girl

53 Very Strong Girl

We Both Need a Trim

54 We Both Need a Trim

Weaning Time

55 Weaning Time

Well Hello There

56 Well Hello There

Western Horses

57 Western Horses

Working Together

58 Working Together

Working for a Living

59 Working for a Living

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